Clinique dentaire Dickner St-Eustache

Clinique Dentaire Dickner
What causes tooth color change?
Taking medicines, smoking, eating stains such as coffee and wine, loss of vitality of a tooth and natural aging of the teeth are some of the causes of tooth color change.

How long does whitening work?
If the goal is to lighten all teeth, a whitening treatment lasts on average 7 to 21 days. If you want to lighten a devitalized tooth, the dentist will need about 2-3 office visits.

Is it painful to make teeth whitening?
In general no, but sensitivity may occur during treatment. The sensitivity usually disappears with the end of the bleaching treatment.

Should I change my restorations after my whitening treatment?
Composite, ceramic and porcelain are not affected by the lightening effect of the peroxide contained in the bleach. It will therefore be necessary to change the restorations which will no longer correspond to the new hue of the teeth in order to optimize the aesthetics of your smile.