Clinique dentaire Dickner St-Eustache

Clinique Dentaire Dickner
It is a method that can not only prevent the development of cavities, but also intercept an incipient cavity and stop its progression.

The first adult molars, which grow around the age of six, are particularly at risk of developing cavities due to the presence of grooves, which vary in shape and depth. These furrows can retain food debris and present difficulties when brushing. Factors to consider

The dentist, in addition to judging the whole of the child's mouth, including its growth and the stage of development of the teeth, must determine the risk of cavities. This approach is done by evaluating, among other things, the quality of the tooth enamel, the presence of furrows, the hygiene of the child, his eating habits as well as the dental history of the child and the parents. An effective treatment

Sealants provide lasting protection to the tooth and allow the treated surfaces to escape decay for the entire period when the risk is highest, i.e. childhood and adolescence.