Clinique dentaire Dickner St-Eustache


The technologies offered at the clinic


CEREC technology makes it possible to manufacture quality crowns
in a single appointment!


More comfortable and practical.
iTero™ scanners avoid uncomfortable traditional impressions and help visualize treatment results and progress

Did you know?
• Digital fingerprints are 59% faster than traditional fingerprints
• 100% of patients surveyed said they preferred digital impressions for reasons of time, taste, laryngeal reflex and comfort, and that they would advise a friend to ask for digital impressions

The Quick Sleeper

QuickSleeper is an electronic pen-grip injection device. The electronic system allows better management of the quantity injected.

The benefits of intraosseous anesthesia:
• Deep and painless anesthesia
• Immediate effect
• No unnecessary soft tissue numbness
• Control of the necessary injected quantity of anesthetic
• Up to 6 anesthetized teeth with a single injection